Truncated icosahedron v2 – a lot stronger

Earlier, I made a truncated icosahedron (a football if you will) out of Technic Lego. A downside of the design was that the ball was not very strong. It would loose a bit of shape under it’s own weight, and a lot more if you pressed it. I developed three stronger designs for the hexagons (see below), but got distracted by other projects. Today, back on this track, I finished a new version based on the design at the far right. And indeed, it is a whole lot stronger. It can roll easily and even stand some pressure. Since the pentagons are not reinforced and there is a tiny bit of slack in the hinges, it still looses a bit of shape, but I think it’s within limits for my purpose.  So, I will now continue with the interior, to make it a mindstorms-driven self-rolling robot ball, or ball bot, or whatever.

20181117 Hexagon reinforcement designs - cropped lowres


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