Download the Academic Career Visualizer

The Academic Career Visualizer is available in two versions. Firstly, it is available as a stand-alone application for Mac OS, and secondly as a FileMaker Pro solution for Windows and Mac OS. The software and hardware requirements and the installation instructions are listed in the manual.

You are free to download and use one copy of the solution and one copy of the stand-alone application. You are free to make back-ups as explained in the manual.  You are not allowed to distribute, reverse engineer or decrypt this solution nor the stand-alone application.

The solution and the stand-alone application are provided ‘as is’, without any guarantees.

Is it for free? Yes, this version is free for you. If you feel like contributing then provide me with your feedback on the design.

Please note:
The laws and rules ruling the country where you use this database may not allow you to handle personal data or only under certain conditions.


  • Click here to download the stand-alone version for Mac OS of the Academic Career Visualizer 0.1 Beta.
  • Click here to download the FileMaker Pro solution with the Academic Career Visualizer 0.1 Beta (For Mac OS and Windows)