After about 25 years, the latest mobile crane (see at the bottom of this page) dragged me out of my ‘dark ages’. Here, you find the models and a few other lego projects I have been working on. Designs can be downloaded for free from their respective pages.

Lego twinjet floatplane

Twinjet floatplane. October 2019

Lego floatplane

Floatplane. September 2019

Lego model of the head of an orange-billed stork

Orange-billed Stork. May 2019

Lego, MOC, Mindstorms NXT 2 quick release, box with NXT 2 brick

Mindstorms NXT 2 quick release. March 2019

Mobius strip. February 2019

Divisible Möbius strip. February 2019

Hinge for a Mobius Ring

Hinge for a Mobius Ring. January 2019

Star support. February 2019

Star of Lego Technic. January 2018

Star. January 2019

Truncated icosahedron made of Lego. November 2018

Truncated icosahedron. November 2018

Tumbler Tracks v2. January 2019

Tumbler Tracks v2. January 2019

Tumbler Tracks v1. January 2019

Simple tracks vehicle. December 2018

Simple tracks vehicle. December 2018

A camera for S, mad of Lego. November 2017

A camera for S. November 2017

TetrahedroN. November 2018

TetrahedroN. November 2018

Insect walker v2. October 2018

Moon Base Bravo, Mantax Salvage Vessel. May 2018

Moon Base Bravo. Martin 94. April 2018

Moon Base Bravo, Deep Space Defense. March 2018

Moon Base Bravo, Scutter Scout. March 2018

Insect walker. March 2018

Nalligator.                             November 2017

31058 Mighty Dinosaurs – Review. April 2017

6x6x4 Robot vehicle. January 2017

A shark car for N. November 2016

For S. : Macy saves the prince. November 2016

A chronology of Lego molds. Lego archaeology. December 2016

A tree and a dragon head for N. December 2015.

A tree and a dragon head for N. December 2015.

A big heart. (Also for C.) October 2015


The ultimate Lego airplane – and variations. May 2015

A heart for C. March 2015

 This one got me hooked again.

42009 Mk II crane. Photo: Keyvan Alvandi