3D Puzzle ‘cube’

For a different project, I needed a ball-like shape. While I was building it, I realized that it could easily be turned into a puzzle.

It is not easy to take the puzzle apart. It is harder to put it together. And that is exactly what you’ll need to do if you are building it.

I Googled and searched in Rebrickable to see if someone else had not already come up with this idea but I could not find anyone. If you found someone who published this puzzle before me, please do let me know and I will credit the person here.

Notes on the design

As I said, you will need to solve the puzzle in order to build the cube.

You can download a pdf with instructions here.

The MOC uses 24 ‘1 x 2 thin liftarms with axle holes’ (Bricklink part 41677) in light-bluish-grey, and 24 ‘1 x 3 thin liftarms with axle holes’ (Bricklink part 6632) in red. Instead of these you can also use 12 ‘1 x 2 thick liftarms with axle hole’ (Bricklink part 60483) in light-bluis-grey and 12 ‘1 x 3 thick liftarms’ (Bricklink part 32523) in red. In that case you need to connect them with 12 ‘Axles 1 with Pin with friction ridges lengthwise’ (Bricklink part 43093). It will look the same and the puzzle remains a puzzle, but the red parts may turn outward.

August 2021

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