For S. : Macy saves the prince

Recently, we have had a new addition to the family with the birth of S. Half a year ago, I had a discussion with her mother about Lego’s gender-stereotypes-confirming designs.  When I discovered that the Nexo knights included a female knight (a step in the right direction), I decided to use it as part of S’s birth present. It didn’t take a lot of thinking to come up with the concept for a MOC: just switch the roles. Macy arrives at the tower where the prince is locked up with a chest of gold, a brush for his hair and a mirror. The dragon guards the key to the tower’s door. Admittedly, the door is already open in the pictures, but that’s for demonstration purposes 😉 Download the design here.

Below some pictures. Scroll down for some comments on the design and more pictures.

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Some comments on the design

  • Most of the special bricks/details are from the Macy set (70331).
  • The prince is the ‘Kingdoms prince’ ( cas470 in BL). Although it doesn’t show in the pictures, I gave it the dark red cape of the ‘kingdoms Lion king’, which looks awesome on him.
  • The dragon wasn’t part of the original concept. When the tower was finished, I still had some left-over pieces from the Macy set, so I decided to see if I could turn it into a dragon. After all, the wings and the head were obviously there.
  • Clearly, the tower could be neater and this is not a stud-less design. I just tried to make one with the pieces I happened to have. The tower’s color scheme is a direct result of that.
  • Part of the challenge was to make a round-looking tower without the appropriate bricks.
  • It looks round-ish, but it comes at the cost that it is not a very strong tower. Vertically, it can take a lot of pressure. Sideways it takes very little. So, this is not much of a toy.
  • As you can see in the pictures, the roof hinges to show the chest and the stairs, but here too: the construction is not very strong.
  • The LDD doesn’t present the exact exact design, but you’ll figure it out.