Moon Base Bravo, Deep Space Defense

More pictures and photo manual below

The robots still remaining at Moon Base Bravo, had twelve gigantic ion guns positioned in a neat circle around the Moon Base, as if they formed the face of a clock. Except the ones at 7 o’clock, which was more at half past 7 . Since Bravo was built on the dark side of the moon, they were always looking away from Earth. As far as the historians and archeologists could determine, in 650 years, they had never ever been used because no space invaders had attacked Earth, let alone Moon Base Bravo. To some people, this was a relief. To others, who wished to finally meet some extra terrestrial life, it was a bitter bitter disappointment. And the robots? They couldn’t care less. They just kept them bright and shiny.

The Deep Space Defense can be made out of the Micro Millennium Falcon ( 75030 ). More pictures below, and below that a picture-based building manual. This MOC is also on Rebrickable.

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Photo manual

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