Moon Base Bravo, Martin 94, maintenance droid

You can make Martin 94 with the bricks of the Millennium Falcon Microfighter (75030). There is a photo manual for building it at the bottom of this page.


Even though Moon Base Bravo was teeming with robot life, most of them were unable to communicate with the team of explorers that had come to … well … explore the moon base. The robots had forgotten about the humans in the past 650 years. To make memory space available, they had stored their knowledge about them in remote ultra-long backup storage to the backup storage … a place where hardly any of them ever looked. Except Martin 94, a maintenance droid. He had kept his interest in the humans, let’s say as a kind of hobby.
So when the news spread that the aliens had landed, and all the robots and AI’s got exited, it had been Martin 94 who had kept his cool. He quickly understood who they were, looked them up and welcomed them to the Moon Base. Finally, someone to practice his language skills on. The rest of the robots started wondering, where had they left the backups to the backups?

Okay, so far the story. Of the three Moon Base Bravo MOCs that I made until now, I find this head the least appealing. It is not pretty, looks clunky and I wish there were more colors on the Millennium Falcon. Also, it is not a very robust design. The neck lets go easily.

Then again, it is a head, with eyes, ears, nose and a mouth. I set out to make the central mainframe, suddenly saw a face taking shape and changed my mind. My girlfriend didn’t like the first versions at all. Her comment on version 1: ‘that’s not a face’. On version 2: ‘it doesn’t have a nose’. Here is a good design principle : if someone with a lukewarm interest (like your mum, sister, girlfriend or little brother) gives feedback on your design, you’d better listen. Carefully.
So, now she admits that Martin 94 has a face and a nose. In spite of all the drawbacks, I am happy with the result. After all, who would have guessed that there is a droid’s head in the Falcon?

This MOC is on Rebrickable.


Photo manual

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