Twinjet floatplane

Lego twinjet floatplane

Here is a racer version of the propeller floatplane. It’s not a very likely to exist in real life because the jet engines will soak in a lot of water and they are too heave for the plane so it will probably sink. Anyways, it looks like a super-fast racing plane, and that counts for a lot in Lego land.

The basic design is the same as the propeller floatplane and can be made with the parts of the Lego ‘Hook loader ‘ set 42084-1. Obviously, this one has jet engines instead of a propeller and it stands a bit lower on the pontoons which adds to the speedy look. If you prefer the high pontoons of the propeller floatplane, then you can build that too from the same Lego set. As with the propeller floatplane, very little is built with straight angles.

You can download the design as pdf here, with thanks to AKM-Sky at the Rebrickable website for producing the pdf and permission to publish.

You can also download the design in Ldraw here. I made it on a Mac with Bricksmith, but the file should work with other Ldraw software for Lego designs.

October 2019