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Tumbling tracks

After making the simple tracks in early Technic, I wondered if I could get the mechanism ‘inside’ the tracks so it could also upside down? Well, that wasn’t that hard. Could it be even better, that the tracks would drive up to something, tumble over and drive away? A little bit harder. From the outside they look more or less the same, but on the inside sit quite different gear boxes.

Simple tracks in early technic Lego

It’s kind of amazing that the 40 year old Lego 4.5V engine that had been idle for 30 years, is still running. Almost as amazing as that the old Lego still fits with the new. Actually, … that is more amazing, but I already had gotten used to that. Now, it was time to get the old engine humming again. So, together with my nephew N., I made this simple tracks vehicle. For more pictures, a download of the design and a video to prove that it indeed runs, check out this page.