Privacy policy

I am trying not to collect your personal data.

You cannot leave comments because that will require you leaving your contact details and me handling them. (Anonymous comments are not viable because they will sooner or later invoke spam, which will require a spam filter, which requires privacy stuff.)

The website has no sharing buttons because I do not want to participate in all the tracking that that might invoke.

This website runs on WordPress software and is connected to via the Jetpack plug in. This software and Jetpack use cookies. The WordPress cookie policy can be found here .

Upon arrival on this website you will see a message at the bottom of the screen that informs you about the use these cookies and asks you to accept their use. If you do not accept the use, then do not continue using this website.

Finally, the server running this website collects your IP number, date and time of the page visit, the  type of your web browser and other data collected by web servers. If you don’t want that, then leave this website and the internet.