Read me for Table Stitcher v. 0.9.1 Beta

Table Stitcher, version 0.9.1 Beta

• Minimum equipment and software requirements

Table Stitcher is a FileMaker Pro application. So it will run on Apple and Windows computers with FileMaker Pro 19 installed.

See for more details.

• How to install Table Stitcher

The Table Stitcher is delivered as a .zip file. To install the application, decompress the .zip file. It will result in a file called ‘Table Stitcher 0_9_1 Beta.fmp12’.

Note that the application does not support multiple users working on it at the same time.

• How to start the Table Stitcher

To start the Table Stitcher, double-click the file ‘Table Stitcher 0_9_1 Beta.fmp12’.

• Upgrading

The Table Stitcher application and the data live together in the same file. This means that if a new version is released, you will have to migrate your data from the current version to the new. To do so, choose ‘Help > Export all data for migration’ from the menu bar in the top of the screen. Read the instructions and carry out the export. Then install the new version and follow its instructions to import your data.

Note that the export function is not useful for backing up your data because the current version of the Table Stitcher does not support the import of the exported data.

• Help system

The help system can be reached by clicking the home button in the top-left corner of each layout. Then click ‘Start’, then click ‘Help’. In the current version, the help system is minimal.

• What to do in case of a damaged file

Certain events, such as power failure or hardware problems, may damage the file that contains your data. Unfortunately, the current version does not support recovery of such damaged files. Therefore, you are advised to make regular backups.

• Technical support

For technical support, check