ESG databases

Thomson-Reuters ESG Research Request sent 22 sept. 2018

MSCI provides ratings, but it is unclear if one can get access to the variables.
The database is used and re-sold by others, such as
Your SRI also mentions “MSCI ESG Controveries” which is interesting because Thomson-Reuters also has ‘ESG controversies’ (probably based on output of their news agency division). If so, is MSCI then using Thomson-Reuters’ stuff?

Bloomberg’s ESG data.

Resility, a Stockholm based company that offers the Nordic Compass. Email sent 22 Sept 2018. The Nordic Compass dataset is available for research purposes through LU Library and Swedish House of Finance.

Sustainalytics B.V. has a risk approach towards ESG, but it is unclear from the website if one gets access to metrics, or just ratings.



Also found:

The ESG Integration Paradox I am not sure yet what the paradox is but it is an informative read.





Dear Sir Madam,

Could you please tell me which are the 400 metrics that are included in your ESG database?

In particular do you include
1 the percentage of women in the board?
2 the percentage of women in the management team?
3 Whether the company has activities in countries that practice the death penalty?
4 The nature of the contribution of the company’s main activities to improving the environment or the climate?

Finally, how far back in time do the metrics go?

looking forward to your reply

kind regards

Frank van der Most