Sustainable investment – notes for Oikos project

Possible discussion topics:

Is ‘sustainable investment’ an oxymoron?

Is wanting to earn more money with money compatible with sustainability? Most people interested in investing want to make a profit. It is also what all the presentations of sustainable funds try to show: look, sustainable funds do quite well compared to so-and-so index.

“Individual investors are clearly signaling that sustainable investing has a bright future, but only if investors see proof that pursuing positive impact and maintaining a profitable portfolio can be complementary goals.” Institute for sustainable investing ( 2015) The Individual Investor Perspective. Morgan Stanley.

As with all consumer behavior: yes, we want to do something for the environment but it should not cost us anything.

Another argument would be that companies that are on the regulated stock market, already are big companies. Simply because of their size they can not be sustainable. (I have seen nobody arguing this)

Then on the other hand, considering how much influence the financial market has on the planet, there is no other way but to get it on board. Some environmental organizations are indeed trying to move companies through activist stockholder-ship.

Organization of a task force: finding out which data sources

Finding out which criteria are used by ‘sustainable funds’ and where they get their data?

Organization of a workshop: identifying indicators

Organize in groups per sustainability goal. Think of simple and convincing indicators that indicate companies’ contribution to make things better or worse. Which information sources exist for these indicators?