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A design outline for a Sea Turtle Research Database

In May 2020, I published an overview of databases and software for the collection of data about sea turtles and their nests during beach patrols. It covers SWOT, TREDS, Turtle tracker, TURT and Sea turtle DB.

In short, the conclusion is that the existing software is over a decade old and not updated, limited in scope or aimed at a different purpose. I am considering taking up the challenge of developing a system that is flexible enough to support different practices of data collection and management. For doing so, I would welcome feedback and input from sea turtle NGO’s and individual experts to expand my knowledge of the existing practices and user wishes. In a separate page, I provide an outline of a design as a starting point.

If you or your NGO is interested in replacing an existing system, then I would love to hear from you! Please do contact me ( ) for a telephone call, Skype or Zoom meeting, or an email exchange – whatever you prefer. My aim would be to talk about how you currently collect data, which kinds of data you collect, and how you would like to proceed with this in the near future. I will only publish the information that you provide in anonymous form and aggregated with the information provided by others. Please note that my aim with the talk is not to sell you anything. I also would not be able to compensate you for your time, other then through feedback and suggestions during the exchange.